This Nation Is Diseased

The year is 2020. America, and the World, is beleaguered by the China-spawned virus Covid-19. A felon named George Floyd died of an overdose while under the detaining knee of a white police officer. The Marxist Race baiters of Black Lives Matter sent thousands into the street to protest but also coordinated with AntiFa street terrorists to Burn, Loot and Murder. The Democrat/Socialist Party and MSM turn the violence into a Platform for anti-Trump change…

Cities burn. Children die. Media canonizes criminals and ignores the deaths of the innocent for political gain. The Democrat electorate call the criminals a GOP Myth. The Democrat States are foundering under draconian Pandemic Mandates to keep businesses closed – unless they are Abortion Clinics, Casinos or liquor stores.  Churches are forced to legally challenge their Governors to praise God while the Mayors, Governors walk in step with the rioters for virtue signal brownie points.

America is in a fight for it’s right to exist.