The Rise of the Fourth Reich

The recipe for Fascism is the political alliance of Government, Billionaire Corporate Globalists, the Entertainment Industry and the News Media. Italy of the 1930’s provides the roadmap. 1933 Belin, similarly, is a eerie analog for what may very well have been engineered by the Leftism Democrats at the US Capitol – agitators can clearly be heard attempting to goad rioters into burning the Capitol building. Thankfully that did not occur. But the unmasked hypocrisy of the House of Representatives loudly proclaiming the disturbance as an Insurrection to justify their fascist calls for the elimination of all opposition in government and the declaration of American Patriots as Domestic Terrorists. Now they want to establish a new Secret Police to combat… American citizens. Anyone who is not part of their “Unity” is the enemy. Religions, Patriots and even Libertarians are now the Enemy of the Government. What do we do when the Government is the Enemy of the People?