Where to Begin..?

Where to Begin..?

This Nation is diseased.

Anyone with a room temperature IQ and the temperament to observe what is happening in our nation’s political sphere can see that. Unless, of course, you have already succumbed to the viral MSM infection of treachery and deceit the leftist – or more properly; the Marxist Democrats of what once was know as America have been inoculating the public with for the past two and half years. If that is you then you are hereby on notice that I will absolutely trigger your hysteria and rabid outrage by having Freedom from Your Thoughts in favor of my own. It’s a crime, I know. It is Heresy in its most pure form to formulate thoughts and ideas based upon anything other than the pseudo-morality of Globalism and Socialist Correct Thought.

You see, I have foreknowledge of America and our foundational ideology to insulate me from your propaganda. I have a classical education – and not one derived from professors who sanctimoniously have ascended to Elite status by following the Frankfurt School plan of the 1930’s to overthrow Western Civilization by infiltrating our universities. Hell, you’ve done a great job. And Hell is where you’re headed – despite the fact you have no Faith to tell you what Hell is or why you’re headed there. The benefits of a proper education are many but perhaps the greater benefit – conspicuously absent in today’s graduates – is critical thinking and independent thought.

It is plainly evident, for example, that there are in fact only two genders. My understanding, based in both education and empirical observation, is that all animal life comes in binary gender pairs. ALL animal life. Returning for a moment to Faith, I have similarly observed that pretty much anything about our Creator’s world comes in various dichotomies; light and dark, bilateral symmetry of higher forms of life, fact and fiction (or fantasy if you prefer) and truth and falsehood. Those last two pairs should hold special meaning these days. In their overreaching grab for authoritarian power, the Democratic Party have latched onto Fiction and Lies to fuel their designs. They have nearly gotten away with it, too. But not quite. As with most diseases, there is a cure.

It is this cure that brings me out from the comfort – or more properly Safety – of the forgotten middle class’ ennui. For too long the Conservatives have been targeted for ridicule, censorship, defamation, threats and outright physical attack. Oddly enough, I am Not a Conservative. I am virtually dead center in the graph origin of my Political Compass test — available online and I encourage you to amuse yourself by taking the 6 page test. However, it appears, based upon the outrageous definitions of the Left’s Egomaniacal Extremism, that I will turn out to be another Right Wing Extremist. Given their attitudes on the topic, perhaps the Leftist leadership will show true courage in their beliefs and submit to retro-active abortion. Surely a fair number of their mothers can now argue that they are unwanted and not viable for continued life among Decent people (whatever that may even mean today).

But I digress — you’ll come to know that I do that a lot. I was speaking about the Cure. The cure is to embrace Fact and Truth and to speak it, Write it and shine a light to point it out in all aspects of our lives. I hate to break it you mind-raped Millennials but America is truly the greatest nation on this good earth. You have been duped by the Socialists in an attempt to rob you of your true heritage. You are inheriting a Free Nation. A powerful force for Good, and an indomitable Spirit to bring forth Liberty, Equality and Justice. It is your Birth Right. It is your Responsibility. Today, it is your turn to learn that it is not free but must be won, every day through choices made and the conflict acting upon your conscience may inevitably bring. I will say to you what I taught my own children as a sort of guideline for knowing right from wrong;

Do you know how you know when you are doing the Right thing?
Because it usually Sucks at the time.

So here I am. Stepping up to publicly defend what I know is right and true and good.

Anyone who has read the comic Transmetropolitan will recognize the persona name I have chosen. Even if you haven’t read it you may know enough to ask why I would select a drug-fueled, amoral and perhaps villainous reprobate to represent my online person. Well, for a few reasons.

1: While I am unquestionably a smart-ass with an irreverent sense of humor, I doubt “Thunderbunny” (my online name since the late 70’s) is unlikely to be taken seriously when I choose to be serious.

2: Like my namesake, I have contempt for authority and deep seated hatred for Corrupt Politicians and those that break the law in the name of its service (and to a lesser degree; dogs).

Lastly, I have a fierce desire to contribute to the very real Civil War being waged ideologically in this country. It probably helps that I am an irascible son of bitch (as anyone who has met the woman who raised me can attest) with a gift for weaponizing the English language when necessary. So it is now that, in the spirit of the first line of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” I proclaim:

I am Spider Jerusalem.

I identify as an Alpha Male Heterosexual White Nationalist.

I swore an oath to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic. I was never relieved of that oath because I swore upon the name of God when I made that oath. Frankly, I am glad of that. That singular thought, my oath to protect and serve the country I love, has driven me for the last few years to view the value of… well… my Values. I have remarked on occasion that if one should fight for what one believes in… What is it that you believe?

I believe in the principles set down by our forebearers and drawn up in words and signed – signifying the commitment of those same men (yes, they were white men but get over it) – to live by and uphold the philosophy and spirit of those words. I also believe that honoring those words today means that we should act upon them – Especially the ideas of the Bill of Rights… our Natural Rights granted to each Citizen – and you better believe I drawn the distinction between a Citizen and an illegal interloper… a usurper criminally squatting in my country like a tick feeding off of and sickening its host. They are not Immigrants. They are not Dreamers. They are not refugees. They are not just undocumented. They are willful and knowingly criminals. They don’t need to be assimilated. They need to be prosecuted and punished. Every one of them.

Most, if not all, of the howling fanatical so-called Social Justice Warriors in the street – spouting words like Hate Speech, Fascist, Racist, White Supremest, Toxic Male and, of course Impeach Trump! – probably do not know what Natural Law is or why it makes this nation and this nation alone the freest and greatest nation on Earth. I see them on video… their eyes shut, facing the sky with mouths wide open in inchoate, inarticulate outrage and Socialism-Embracing Ecstasy… wet in fervor and empty in character. I believe they should spend a lot more time with their eyes open, facing the facts with their mouths shut and minds open.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I took Civics and US History in high school but, like many, made the grade but failed to absorb the material. It wasn’t until the Leftists started pissing all over the Constitution that I went back to the books and re-acquainted myself with the meaning of the term: Natural Law. You can see it at work in our Declaration of Independence, the second line reads:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

In short: US Citizens derive their civil liberties not from a mandate of Government but rather from GOD. That is why our Government cannot eclipse our rights no matter how it might wish to.

Case in point, the Marxists… er… Democrats want destroy the 2nd Amendment. They know that an unarmed America will be easier to dominate under their desired Authoritarian rule. These are experts on Political Theory and Law. They know exactly what they about. They have no interest in Gun Control. They rally around tragedies committed by sick and sad individual criminals as a platform for their agenda to weaken America. Their aim is populace control.

The 2nd amendment said nothing about Hunting. It said nothing about Magazine restrictions. It made no distinction between military grade weapons and civilian weaponry. In point of fact they never considered that such a distinction would be made. Their intent was to preserve Liberty for the citizens. They knew that all Government devolves, eventually, into tyranny. Their intent was to ensure that, unlike the citizens of Venezuela, Americans could mount a realistic and deadly response to Tyranny. Thomas Jefferson assisted in penning the Bill of Rights – specifically the 2nd Amendment. While there have been a large number of attempts to bastardize the meaning of those two sentences to mean anything other than the Right and the Obligation of American citizens to overthrow Tyranny, the following statement, written at the same time period by Jefferson, refutes all the anti-gun rhetoric:

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

I submit to you that every Democratic Party candidate running for office today espousing gun control is in actuality espousing tyranny. I believe that they have become, unashamedly, the Domestic Enemy.

The Leftists have again risen to prominence in a Political Party. I say again because most forget that this is not the 1st time. FDR faced a Socialist uprising. It threatened to overtake our Government during the Great Depression. To be fair, it was their dissent and popularity that resulted in the New Deal – FDR’s attempt to calm the political upheaval sweeping out from the state of California and gaining momentum… Sound familiar? Their influence brought about needed economic change and in fact helped the nation. Then the Second World War came and America regained its senses and fought a far greater threat. The war put all of America to work and ended the Depression and led to a post-war economic boom.

The Leftists returned during the Kennedy administration. The Civil Rights movement gave the Left the political weapon they needed to gain ground. Again, we became a better nation for the changes the Left brought about. The Democratic Left produced sweeping racial reform and legislated laws to strengthen true equality in this nation. Are we out of the woods? No. Not so much but we are far better than we were. The laws enacted, then, sought to make equality for ALL. That is what America stands for. It was, in other words, a Good fight. It needed doing.

Then Vietnam Nam came along and America pulled together… for a time… and the Left receded somewhat. The greater truth is that America lost its damned mind. Television went to Color and suddenly Walter Cronkite was seen talking in front of wounded young men on stretchers covered in white sheets stained in livid blood-red and America woke up to a realization that we were sending our boys off to die futilely for a conflict none of us understood. We lost our taste for war and television censorship became the rule. Day time dramas, Game Shows, The Wonderful World Disney, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Johnny Carson’s Late Night glued us together in front of the television… for a time.

Time marched on. The Hippy Generation begat the Me Generation. America gave up the Donna Reed ideals and embraced Divorce and EST Training. We stopped teaching Civics and US History as required courses. We underwent a technological revolution of calculators with Big Blue Numbers and Little Rubber Feet, digital watches, personal computers, cell phones, iPods, iPads and the internet. Libraries were replaced by Boolean logic search engines. We no longer needed to know things because we could just use Yahoo and then Google… We stopped thinking. We stopped verifying what we read. We put in our earphones and closed off from our neighbors and stopped talking to one another. We stopped communicating with one another. We stopped paying attention. But not all of us.

The Marxist Left quietly advanced into our universities. They wrote the textbooks. They wrote the curriculum. They enforced their will in the grade ledgers. They ran for school superintendent. They ran for mayor. They subtly overtook our governance of infrastructure. And we did not notice. We were too busy trying to hold on to outdated Social norms and our dwindling dollar. They advanced into our social services. They infiltrated our high schools, our middle schools and even our elementary schools.

They now own our children’s minds. They have for quite a while.

They successfully ran for State offices in California and New York. The House and the Senate. They successfully ran for Federal Office. They made unholy alliance with America’s most important tool for knowledge of what is happening in America: The Mainstream News and Media outlets. They own the Narrative. They even succeeded in putting a Traitor into the Oval Office. A man who promised to Fundamentally Transform America.

Think about that statement. Why would we, the People, want to erase our foundations? What, exactly, would it Transform into? For 250 years America has built upon a foundation of Faith, Liberty, Equality, Justice. What is it about these idealogical concepts that needed to be Transformed? What is it that these creatures would supplant in their place? What about the People? What would they replace a Government of, for and by the People with? Poverty, Control, Inequality, Fear, Division, Deceit?

They had a 16 year plan to destroy America. Weaken our Military, Expand Government influence in our lives beginning with Mandatory Health Care and the Welfare state, reduce the value of the US Dollar, erode our borders and ignore illegal immigration, increase unemployment, reward corporations for taking jobs away from the citizens, increase elitist wealth, destabilize the Middle East, empower our enemies and ignore our obligation to our allies. That is the fact of Obama’s legacy to our nation. As an aside, I saw a recent report showing that the PDF of Obama’s Birth Certificate provided to investigators was found to contain sections copied from another baby’s birth certificate. The evidence was pretty compelling. Does it mean he is not in fact a natural born American? I have no clue. But why put out a falsified document? It means nothing now. What is done is done.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to attain office to finish the job the Traitor Obama started. Who better? She was experienced, ruthless, connected, powerful, and corrupt to the core. She would use the United States like a pony to ride into power the likes of which the Caesars would have envied. But that didn’t happen. It failed because the Left and Corrupt did what they have ALWAYS done. They overreached too early. They thought they had all the power they needed to make the final push. They were wrong. They came away empty handed. The last two and a half years have been a freak show of unimagined malignancy; a shadow show meant to dupe the populace and divert attention away from their crimes.

The problem, for the criminal Left, is that they thought America was in a coma. They thought we would take their propaganda suppository and remain complacent. Surely they must be correct… right? They have generations of indoctrinated young people who all believe America is a cancer. They believe the Constitution is a treatise of White Supremacy and Patriarchal Mandates meant to oppress anyone who is not white, male and… well I guess just white male. Except we are not asleep. Oh it is true we take our own sweet time to get angry. However, we are awake. We are angry. While they believe that we are powerless before their presumed might I will go on record now to say that they are far from their goal and America is something you just don’t want to fuck with.

I have heard folks like Carl Benjamin say that the Left thinks we are Evil, but we just think they are wrong. I don’t see it that way. Not any longer. I have undergone a semi-religious transformation. I Do believe they Are Evil. Every day, in every way they prove that they are despicable and soulless. I no longer feel it is enough to defeat the leaders of the Socialist/Marxist Left. They must be crushed utterly. If we do not destroy them body and – oh damn, I was gonna say body and soul but I have already stated that they have no souls so… let’s just go with body… If we do not utterly destroy these enemies of Freedom, Liberty and Justice they will just rise up again.

America needs to demonstrate, once and for all time, that we will not bow to Tyranny. We will not foster a viper at our bosom. We must pull these weeds from our garden so that our future generations may profit from not only the courage and integrity of our forebearers but by what we do today, tomorrow and every day hereafter. I call upon all patriots to defend our nation. I will not suffer Socialists to take root in our Nation. WE are America. WE the People must take hold of the now to ensure the future.

There are Domestic Enemies to defeat. We need to get them out of office, out of our schools, out of our Future. Exercise your God-given rights. Speak your mind. Assemble and Speak Freely. Own and learn to use both a sidearm and a long gun. Know your civil rights and defend them. Run for office. Campaign against the Evil of the far Left/Marxists who have subverted our children, our laws, our Government and seek to bring about the end of all we hold dear. Do not resort to lawlessness. Do not let your righteous anger lead you to diminish and pervert the virtues you hold dear. But Act. Act upon what you know to be right, what you know must be preserved what you know must fought for; Freedom.

God Bless(es) America.