Lies My Father Told Me

Dedicated to my children. These are a few of the stories I have had the sad judgement to let them learn about me over the years… Not all of them are lies. 😉

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PSA #001

Episode 007 – Interlude No 003

This is what you get when you completely forget what the Hell you are doing.

Episode 006 – Fun With Cars

Even as a young man I have always had a contempt for self-righteous authoritarians. I have also always had a calculating mind and a perverse way of handling those...

Episode 005 – Interlude No 002

Episode 004 – The Dead Bag Incident

There are many Urban Legends. While a fair number of them are sophomoric tales of horror this one is …as they all are… a True Story derived from pure...

Episode 003 – Interlude of Digressions

Episode 002: The Bad Cat Incident

Lies My Father Told MeEpisode 002: The Bad Cat Incident Circa 1979; How Not to Re-Home a Cat…

Episode 001: 101 Uses For a Dead Cat

Lies My Father Told MeEpisode 001: 101 Uses for a dead cat.

Forward: Who am I?

Lies My Father Told MeEpisode 000: Forward: Who am I?