Denying The Truth In Plain Sight

The Democrat Representatives and State Senators are clearly more interested in villifying and intimidating eyewitnesses than in receiving the truth about their corrupt elections. Their behavior in the face of thousands of affidavits and incontrivertible video evidence of election fraud is dismaying if unsurprising.This video is long due to presenting unedited portions of eyewitness testimony…

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

With the death of Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg the Democrats have dropped what little pretense they may have had in their pursuit of Absolute Power. Sparked by the Republican Executive Office and the Congress’ refusal to Obey the supposed dying wish of a corpse, the Fascists-in-Democrat-Clothing are pulling out all the stops…

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Words Worth Fighting For

The Pledge of Allegiance. It appears that the Democrats, under the influence of their Communist beliefs, have forgotten what it says. I am simply reminding them.

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